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Metaverse & Beyond: Digital Real Estate in 2024

NFTs, virtual land, the metaverse —it's a lot to take in!  Feeling overwhelmed?  Don't worry. This guide simplifies digital real estate investing. Specifically, it focuses on the exciting opportunities in virtual worlds. Are you seeking alternatives to traditional investments? Or are you simply curious? We'll...

Generative AI: Transforming Business and Financial Services ( Part II)

Generative AI is the name of a subset of artificial intelligence technologies designed to produce outputs imitating human imagination, mockery, and innovation. Unlike traditional AI systems that make use of explicit programming and pre-defined rules, generative AI approach utilizes probabilistic models, neural networks and...

Generative AI: Making Understanding (Part I)

Generative AI is a part of the artificial intelligence field that makes use of deep learning algorithms to create human-like content which can be in the form of text, images, and many more types of data. These models train on a vast amount of...