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Market Development Funds (MDF): The Future of Channel Marketing

The Market Development Funds (MDF) represent the financial resources manufacturers or organizations provide to their channel partners, including distributors or resellers, which help them invest in marketing and sales efforts. You can use these funds for various activities, such as raising awareness, generating demand,...

Mastering Personalization: The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide

While marketing is always evolving in terms of responding to changing customer needs and technological advances,personalization has become a crucial approach for companies that are aiming to develop deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.In only four years’ time, the worldwide money flow of customer...

E-Commerce Fulfillment: Steps and Logistics Strategies

For retailing, grasping the skill of e-commerce online fulfillment is a fundamental factor for succeeding. Because the paradigm has shifted to a digital e-commerce-marketing. This new era brought new demands within to meet assured delivery-systems including swift and convenient tools. Therefore, e-commerce business imperatives...